Leading the way in FUNERAL HOME MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, Cobie has been specially designed to help manage a funeral from start to finish.  We understand that your business is time sensitive and involves numerous parties, which is why Cobie was developed to streamline these processes, store all the information in one place, and ensure that each and every step is accounted for.


  • Storage of the Deceased and Client details.
  • Automatic form generation from a Schedule A to a Trip Sheet and even an order form for flowers.
  • Central Calendar where you can view what Services, Cremation and Burials you have for each week.
  • Project tracking. Follow the deceased through the cremation process and know at all times where in a process the deceased is.
  • Receive alerts and warnings when certain processes are complete or are running behind schedule.
  • Includes a fully integrated accounting module.
  • Manage your policies with the function to have numerous underwriters on your books.
  • Track vehicle usage and get alerts when vehicle requires a service using the Fleet module. 
  • Keep stock of all you inventory with the Warehousing module.
  • Create your own Website
  • Cloud based hosting allows you access to your data from anywhere in the world.
  • No license fees.
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30 years of experience in Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) has helped produce and build i-SoftERP. This open source software provides an integrated view of your core business processes from manufacturing and inventory, to project management and finances, and much more.

With over 300 modules to choose from, i-SoftERP is ideal for growing businesses as each module can easily be added at any time at no extra cost, thereby allowing our customers to start with the basics and slowly build up as needs and requirements change.


  • Over 300 modules including:

            Customer Relationship Management

            Billing and Finance/Accounting and Financial Management

            Project Management

            Purchase Management

            Warehouse Management

            Manufacturing (Plan/Control supply chains)

            Time-buffer Management

             Human Resources

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  • Modules can be added when the time is right - at no extra cost
  • Customisable open source software to adapt to your business needs
  • Cloud-based product ensures access to your business regardless of where you are in the world
  • Easily integrated with Google Mail, Calendars, Docs etc.
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Omnix is a complete, best-of-breed Supply Chain Management solution, designed to meet the challenges and complexities faced by businesses today. In an ever-evolving environment, the modular and scalable approach to design allows organisations to quickly adopt the Omnix ERP platform with minimal disruption to your business.